XF4 is one of the most wanted entities for DXCC all over the world. RRDXA Members have been active team members in this DX-pedition. Read the article written by DL1YFF here http://www.rrdxa.de/rrdxa/stories/xf4dl … -2006.html .

Thanks to Ramon, XE1KK and M. Kentzler (Vogt electronic de Mexiko) all contacts have been made and all permissions have eventually been granted. Our German team, consisting of Jörg, DF7TH, Gerd, DJ5IW, Karl, DK2WV, Hans, DL1YFF, Dietmar, DL3DXX, and Jürgen, DL8LE, arrived Oct. 15th at Manzanillo, a big harbour at the west coast of Mexico, from where the DX-pedition started. Our Mexican friends were Ismael, XE1AY, Fabian, XE1FRF, Daniel, XE1FXF, Saúl, XE1FXM, Victor, XE1FXZ, Rafael, XE1GRR, Margarito, XE1MMB, Yuri, XE1UN, and Héctor, XE2K.
After roughly 4 tons of material had been loaded on ARM Vallarta, a patroul boat of the Mexican Navy, we set sail to Socorro Island on Monday evening and arrived two days later our operation base.

We spent two weeks on the Island and had more than 58.600 QSO's in the log.
XE1GRR, XE2K and DL8LE went to Clarion, IOTA NA-115, which is about 400 km west of Socorro, at the end of the operation and worked there for some hours under the call XF4K. The last qso in the XF4DL log was with WO7Y on Nov 5, 12.34 UTC, on 40 m CW.
A detailed report (in German language) with a lot of photographs can be read below and on wwwdl1yff.de.