World traveller and DXpeditioner Vladimir Bykov, UA4WHX, has ended his African activities. An E-mail that Vlad sent to OPDX states the following (edited): "Hello everyone! You must have been wondering if it is true. And the answer is - it is. It is all history now. For now - no more being on the air from Africa (or P5 -which I never did). We leave almost 310,000 QSOs behind, 21 DXCC entities, almost 26 months of life, two radios gone and one finger missing. But we do have lots of people happy - that is what matters. Below I will list some of the instructions how I see QSLing done best:

1. I accept bureau via Russia Cental Club. I will also accept bureau
shipment sent directly from societies or organizations to my P.O.
Box 2040, Izhevsk, 426000, Russia (that may be a better idea). To
keep track and make certain nothing is missing when a big batch
is on the way, advise me, we will track and make sure it has been

2. I do recommend sending requests with a SASE directly rather than
going via the bureau. We arrange cards by senders, and all cards
are answered by senders as well, direct/bureau put together. If
there is enough postage the bureau will join the direct requests.
The address to be used is: Vladimir M. Bykov. P.O. Box 2040,
Izhevsk, 426000, Russia. No cards to be sent to AC4LN address.

3. I do insist we use IRCs and not send cash in envelopes, no matter
what amount. Not that my post office is not safe, but we must be
conscious to limit temptation. Use common sense when sending
IRCs, as per how many. Do not ask me - my answer will always be -
at least one, as I can technically send 7 pieces of QSLs with one

4. For Clubs or more serious individuals, I can accept money elec-
tronically, provided you feel you can let me charge your Visa or
Master Card. Any amount is fine. I will keep records of the
transaction together with your QSL requests. The transaction is
100% secure and will be done electronically through Svezhy Veter
Travel Agency.

5. Those who have made multiple QSOs, they can send QSOs listed on a
piece of paper with at least one card attached to be personal.

6. All QSOs are on paper and not computer files.

7. I will have a few people to help me with the QSLing. Anyone is
welcome to join the QSL team provided he/she is ready to do it
from Izhevsk. I will let everyone know when the first cards are

73, See you in person or on the air,
Vladimir M. Bykov, UA4WHX etc."

ADDED NOTE: Vlad was active under the following callsigns if you want
to look back in logs to see if you worked him: 3DA0VB, 4K0VB, 4L0B, 5H3VMB, 5H3VMB/3 (AF-075), 5H3VMB/5 (AF-074), 5R8VB, 5X1VB, 5Z4/UA4WHX, 5Z4/UA4WHX/P (AF-067), 5Z4BU, 7P8VB, 7Q7VB, 9J2VB, 9U0VB, 9X0VB, A25VB, C91VB, C91VB/4 (AF-103), C91VB/6 (AF-088), D20VB, D60VB, J20VB, OD5/UA4WHX, ST2KSS, ST2VB, V51VV, V51VV/P (AF-070) and Z2/UA4WHX.