It has been reported on Wikipedia that the next launch of Amateur Radio cubesats will not take place until mid-February instead of this week, as had been hoped. The Wikipedia "2008 in spaceflight" page says that the Indian PSLV-C launch which will carry the Amateur Radio cubesats will not now be launched until 14th February. There is a planned Indian PSLV-CA launch slated for 12th January which will carry the Israeli reconnaissance satellite TecSAR. According to Wikipedia the 14th February launch will carry cubesats Can X-2, AAU Cubsat-2, Cute 1.7+APD-2, Compass 1, Delfi C3 and Seeds-2.

CANX-2 … ?serial=46

AAUSAT-II … ?serial=60 … ;page=home

Cute-1.7+APD II … ?serial=78

Compass 1 … ?serial=52

Delfi-C3 … ?serial=68

Seeds 2 … ?serial=36 … ain_e.html

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